Commercial Buildings

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Small business offices built to impress

The commercial division of Windrush builds office buildings that are designed and built to impress. Clients will be greeted with a warm, inviting space filled with custom home finishes like wood trim, custom cabinetry and built-in workspaces. Windrush works with small business owners including law firms, insurance and medical professionals to design and build offices that seem more like a custom home. We will evaluate your business space needs, then design the ideal work environment for you company. Then we will create public spaces, private offices and open work spaces that are functional and energy efficient and also beautiful using the highest quality materials and worksmanship.

Quality construction

We use the same care and attention to detail when building a small business office as when constructing our custom homes. We constantly look for new products and processes to incorporate into our building process especially those relating to energy efficiency. And, we guarantee all workmanship and materials for the first year, all mechanical components for two years, and all structural components for ten years.

Custom home finishes

Your office should a reflection of your business. Using the same high-end finishes found in custom homes will impress your clients without feeling cold and impersonal. A well-designed space should include an interplay of public, private and work areas that flow toegther seamlessly creating the ideal work environment.

We are here for you

From the beginning, you will be impressed with our committment to your total satisfaction. Throughout the construction process you will find us to be attentive, responsive, and always available to answer any questions and to deal with issues as they arise. And that committment doesn't end when construction is complete.

Does building your own office make sense?

When your business expands, so does your need for space. The question many small business owners face is: "Should I lease, buy or build"?  With leases come restrictions, things like painting the walls, adding built-ins or changing the window coverings must be approved by the owner. And any improvements that you make must be left behind when you move. If you have decided that owning your building makes sense for your business, constructing your own building will be worth the cost in the long run. Building your own office means you have total control over the design - both exterior and interior. Working with a custom builder, like Windrush, allows you to create an office environment that truly reflects who you and your company are.


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